Hey! I'm Nicole, the founder of Common Shade.

I'm a former real estate developer with a sunglasses obsession. After losing a few too many pairs of shades, I went on the hunt for sunglasses that made me feel like a boss, but didn't cost me $200 to replace every time I left them in an Uber.

The sunglasses industry sucks.

My big "a ha!" came from two realizations:

1. The big fashion houses mark up their sunglasses up to 500x. Those shades I had been buying my whole life cost a FRACTION of the cost to make.

2. Most of those brands use the same handful of factories (and they don't even design the sunglasses themselves! The design is often managed by a middleman like Luxottica who works with 100s of brands).

We're making it better.

I figured that if I could track down one of the factories that made the high end shades, I could bring the same quality product straight to the market at a fraction of the designer cost.

So I sketched up my dream designs and tracked down a factory that makes some of the world's top luxury sunglasses.

And here we are!

After months of designing, tweaking, and waiting, a huge stack of sunglasses arrived at my San Francisco apartment.

After lugging a huge stack of boxes up my four flights of stairs, Common Shade finally became a reality. Join us for the ride!